Thanks for the Memories - How You Can Play Old Video Games in 2020

If you were a kid who grew up in the early 2000s to 2010s, you could say that these were the Golden Ages of the internet. There was YouTube and all the low-quality content that was extremely funny, there was the start of social media platforms at their roughest, and of course, who can forget flash games? While many kids started to develop an interest in video games, some grew up with parents who never subscribed to the notion of games. Schoolwork was of utmost importance, so for those who grew up with strict parents, they would know how it was just TV for controlled hours a day or reading books for entertainment. 


However, there was one known way kids could get their video game fix, and that was through flash games! The free games available to everyone on the internet became very popular for many kids for the longest time, until Adobe announced they would be killing off Flash at the end of 2020. For many who have grown up and since upgraded to gaming computers and consoles, this strikes a certain sadness in their hearts knowing that they once played these games all the time. 


Rest In Peace, Dear Adobe Flash


Adobe announced after many long, memorable years that they are going to stop updating and distributing the Flash Player by the end of 2020. While this technology is certainly outdated and has been replaced by newer and more efficient ones, this makes old school internet gamers sad. 


The web has slowly moved away from Flash as a medium for browser technologies due to the use of HTML5, WebGL, and WebAssembly. These are what you call open technologies that do not require a third-party software plugin like Flash does. Open-source tech can be utilized by anyone over the internet and can be implemented in their own projects. 


Flash is one of the few things that operate under a closed source development model, which means that all updates and fixes were maintained and carried out by a single entity, which in Flash’s case is Adobe. Flash eventually developed a reputation of having rampant security flaws that put websites at risk, which caused people to make the jump to newer, safer technologies. 


Apple is one of the companies that made Adobe’s Flash a thing of the past by deciding not to support Flash for their mobile devices, which then paved the way for HTML5 to take charge. 


Keep Playing Flash Games While You Can, But Also...


While Flash is doomed for closure by the end of 2020, there is still a lot of time to catch up with the old games you used to enjoy as a kid growing up. Play the amazing stick figure games that people loved to make or those fun side-scrolling games such as tank battles and other nostalgic games that were a part of what made you a gamer.


Although flash online is on the route to disappearing forever, companies such as BlueMaxima have developed a free software dedicated to saving the wonderful memories of Flash games. Flashpoint contains a library of 38,000 web games and 2,400 animations made during the Golden Era of the app. 


If you wish to preserve the wonderful times you have had with these games, Flashpoint exists to let the memories live forever. Who knows, perhaps one-day people can tell their kids how they grew up with these simple games that gave people countless hours of fun. 




While Flash is going away for good, it is amazing to see how the community still appreciates all the good times it has given kids from the Flash gaming era. Flash games are not just games, but are also a significant piece of technological history, as it gave small-time programmers the opportunities to create fun projects and post them online. 


If you want to play cool flash games, visit us at Flash Cool Games for an extensive collection of some of the best games ever made on the internet. Relive the most fun moments of your childhood with us now!

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