4 Ways to Make Flash Games Run Faster on Your Computer - Our Guide

As with many games, sometimes your computer can have difficulties in running flash games, especially those that are more recent. That is mainly because your computer’s hardware is not up to par anymore in keeping up with the performance demand of the game. While the primary solution is to go and upgrade your hardware, not everyone can afford the latest computer components. For that reason, you may want to try these things first before you go spending hundreds of dollars on a PC upgrade:

1. Enable hardware acceleration

Sometimes, the flash game you’re playing runs slowly despite having a decent computer because it’s not properly utilizing the right hardware. What you can do is to enable hardware acceleration in Flash Player so that the game gets access to the resources it needs to run optimally.

Hardware acceleration allows the Graphics Card (GPU) of your computer to run the game instead of your processor or the CPU. The GPU is the hardware that is responsible for running graphics-heavy workloads, and if the hardware acceleration is off, you’re not using the right hardware to run the game.

To enable hardware acceleration, right-click on the game you’re playing and go to Settings. Once a window appears, click on the play button and toggle Enable Hardware Acceleration.

2. Adjust the game settings

If you enabled hardware acceleration, and the game is still running slowly, the problem might be due to your hardware, or GPU, being not up-to-date anymore. If so, you can still try to lower the graphics settings of the game and see if it runs. High settings use more resources and put a heavier strain on your graphics card. While most up-to-date GPUs are capable of running flash games at high settings, older ones will have trouble in running them at a playable state.

To lower the settings, you can go to the options menu of the game and select Medium or Low settings. Keep in mind though that not all flash games have these settings, and if the game you’re playing doesn’t, you may want to try the next tip.

3. Close other applications

Another hardware that contributes to the performance of a game is the Random Access Memory or RAM. Typically, computers have around 4 GB–16 GB of RAM. Lower RAM means lower processes can be run simultaneously. If you’re having trouble with running a game on your browser, try closing other applications and browser tabs, then reload the game. If it does run, that means your computer has a lower RAM, which impedes on opening multiple tabs and processes at the same time. By closing them, you’ll be able to play the game smoothly and encounter less trouble.

4. Update your operating system

If you’re using Windows 10, you might have missed the recent update for Windows users. Ensure that your Operating System (OS) is updated to try and eliminate all the problems with your game. You can do this by clicking on the Windows button or the Start button, and search Check for Updates. Click on it and wait for the update to finish. Once you’ve updated your OS, check the flash game you want to play. The chances are high that it’ll run faster now.


By trying these troubleshooting tips, you won’t unnecessarily spend your money on upgrades. However, while flash games are fairly easy to run, your PC may just be too old to run them. In that case, you may want to consider upgrading for a more recent computer.

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