5 Steps in Fixing Flash Games That Are Not Working on Google Chrome

Flash games are amazing because they can be run on browsers wherever you go. You only need a stable Internet connection, and you're free to enjoy some games to pass the time. However, there is often an annoying issue with flash games running on Google Chrome because the Flash Player may suddenly stop working, which is a common problem seen on Windows devices.


If you're having trouble running flash games on your Chrome browser, below are five steps you can do to troubleshoot your situation:


Troubleshooting #1: Clear cache on browser settings


A common cause of this issue is that the cache in Chrome is full, preventing other apps like Flash Player from accessing the files it needs. Luckily, for you, this is an easy fix. 


First, go the settings on your Chrome browser which can be accessed by clicking the three dots on the upper right corner. Then, locate the privacy and security section. There, you can see Clear browsing data in the list. You will want to tick the Cached images and files box before clearing the data. After you clear the data, restart the browser and check if the Flash Player is functioning properly.


Troubleshooting #2: Enable Flash Player on Chrome settings


If clearing the cache didn't do the trick, you probably have the Flash Player setting disabled on Chrome. To activate the Flash Player, go to settings and locate Advanced. Click on Content settings and navigate to Flash. Click the button and turn on Ask first, then remove Flash from the block list and restart your browser.


Troubleshooting #3: Update your Flash Player


Flash games often need the latest version of Flash Player to start. If it is outdated, updating it can solve the issue. To do so, type the following in the address bar of your browser: chrome://components/


Press enter, and it should redirect you to the update components tab. Navigate to Adobe Flash Player and check if there is an available update. Then, update Chrome and restart your browser.


Troubleshooting #4: Reinstall Flash Player


If the above methods still don't work, reinstalling Flash Player may do the trick for you. First, you should head to the official website of Adobe Flash: https://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer.html


Search for Adobe Flash Player and download the installer. Launch the installer as soon as it finishes downloading, and this will reinstall the Flash Player as needed. After that, restart your computer because you're making changes to the computer itself and not just the browser. Once restarted, launch Chrome and see if it's able to run flash games now.


Troubleshooting #5: Updating the graphics driver


If you've tried everything and your computer still won't run flash games, the graphics driver may be the culprit. By updating your graphics driver, you're ensuring that your graphics card is running on the right software to play flash games.


To update your graphics driver, type device manager in the search box through the Windows start button. Choose the display adapter and click on the graphics driver. Right-click and choose update driver.


Your computer will automatically search for the necessary update. Afterward, restart your computer, and the updated graphics driver should fix your issue.




Flash games are fun and are easy to access. However, this reoccurring issue with Chrome can make the experience irritating and annoying until you just give up on it. However, you can do the troubleshooting methods as mentioned above to fix this issue and continue playing fun and interactive flash games at any time and at anywhere.


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