Endless Fun With Endless Runner Games

Mobile gaming has become increasingly dynamic in recent years as smartphones have become prevalent and more powerful. With the many options of applications and cool games available on mobile devices, the hours you can spend are endless. Different genres for games exist, such as shooters and action games that have a slight learning curve and challenge, but there is one genre that offers simple entertainment that can help you past boring times.

Endless Runners are infinite objective games, which means that there is usually no end to the game, only high scores to be beaten by traveling specific distances in-game. Here are four reasons why these games are great for everyone:

1. They have the Simplest Controls

Some of the more action-packed games have a control system that is complex and often cramped. It takes some getting used to, and some people may struggle initially remembering what all the buttons do. Endless Runners are the opposite. They usually only require one finger to be used to either tap the screen or slide it across.

These cool games come in two varieties, the first being with a character running from the base of your phone screen to the top trying to escape something and avoid obstacles coming at them. The second kind is where there is a character running from left to right on the screen to accomplish the same things.

The former option is navigated using a finger being swiped left and right, while the latter entails using other methods like tapping the screen or pressing a button to avoid obstacles. Some games even use the mobile gyroscope to move around, which makes it an easier option as there is no need to keep exerting effort with fingers.

2. You Can Leave and Enter Anytime You Want

Endless scrollers are normally single-player games, meaning there is no direct competition in-game asides from online leaderboards. There is no set story as well, so jumping in and out of the app will not affect the experience when playing. This way, it is easy to leave the game when something comes up in real life and can be played anytime the user finds themselves bored.

Also, it is impossible to pause online games, which is what any avid gaming enthusiast knows about in the gaming realm. With these endless scrollers, there is not much guilt in putting down the phone for lunchtime or losing internet connection because they are optimized for pick-up-and-go gaming.

3. There is no End-Game To Stress About

The goal in these games is to amass the most amount of points possible, without a foreseeable end. As the game progresses into the higher scores, it does get more difficult to manage multiple obstacles plus a faster speed. Some games may add objectives to do such as collecting gems or coins, which then translates into in-game currency to purchase skins and cosmetics for their character.

4. The Replay Value is Endless

Designed to be played from a few seconds to five minutes on average per round, if the game is challenging enough, it should keep the player coming back for more. They may seem difficult initially, but as time progresses, it becomes more manageable to get higher score ranges.

Additionally, the “just one more game” mentality often comes in when players experience a series of bad runs and may want to redeem themselves. The difficulty often keeps players coming back as they try to prove that they are great at the game by beating their friends’ scores.


Endless scrolling games are a fun way to pass the time. Although they can have a bad rap for being a time-waster or too difficult, having a challenge keeps the brain stimulated and active. These games may get boring at a certain point, but that’s why it pays to indulge in different genres to prevent stagnation.

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