4 Ways Your Video Games Are Improving Your Cognitive Functions

Did you know that games make you smarter? It does! Many games have been linked to higher IQ, such as chess and other strategy games. Many studies have shown that games, especially ones that require a lot of strategising, have shown to positively affect one's cognitive abilities when played for long periods.

Wondering how video games help you develop your cognitive abilities? Keep reading to learn more!

1. Video games increase your grey mass

When someone on your team says, "big brain move," you know what they are saying is true. Games do increase your brain size, more specifically grey matter. As a result, many improvements follow this increase in size, such as improved motor functions, enhanced memory, quick critical thinking, and so on.

2. Video games help you think faster

Many video games put you in scenarios where you must shoot the enemy faster than they can respond, or figure out what spell to cast before it is too late. Games like these help you to quickly consider what you have to your disposal and how to use them to your benefit. Put simply, you will be training yourself to think and make decisions more quickly.

The skill of fast thinking is useful in many scenarios. For example, if you were playing a round of basketball, you can quickly think about when to pass, when to dribble, and when to score. Any delay in any of these decisions can mean that the other team steals the ball and scores it instead, leaving you in the dust.

3. Video games improve your learning ability

Games like first-person shooters are well known to put players in many different environments to eliminate the enemy or complete an objective. With ever-changing opponents and strategies, these players learn to learn new tactics that will bring their team to victory.

Perhaps the best example of this would be games like battle royale games, where you are forced to quickly adapt to where you are and what you must overcome foes. This process of adapting builds your learning capacity and ability, meaning that in the real world, learning new things has become less of a challenge.

4. Video games enhance your brain's overall functions

Different games help your brain develop in many different ways. For example, those who have been playing racing games for quite a while have been found to have improved motor functions and reflexes. Other games, such as shooting games, help improve one's ability to pay attention to detail much more effectively as well.

That said, perhaps the most fantastic thing about this is that anyone, young or old, can use games to develop their brain functions. This means that if you were a 50-year old individual wanting to enjoy an adolescent brain once more, games could help you do so.


The next time someone argues that games do nothing but dumb you down, you know otherwise. Rather than waste time arguing with them, though, continue enjoying your hobby guilt-free.

When you’re playing video games, not only are you busy having fun, but improving your cognitive abilities. However, always keep in mind that you should only ever play games in moderation. Too much of it, as with anything else, is not good and will nullify any benefits you get from playing them.

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