What You Need to Know When Playing Strike Force Heroes 2

Strike Force Heroes 2 is one of the most enjoyable flash games for kids. There are a few tricks to make sure that your army becomes powerful and effective in SFH 2. If you love the game and want to show your friend how powerful you can be, you need to dive deeper into the way the game is played.


Strike Force Heroes offer different soldier classes that have varying advantages and disadvantages. You need to choose the right hero depending on the situation in the game. After every match, the game will allow you to customize your soldier. During customization, you can switch your soldier’s weapons, attachments, armor, skills, etc.

Soldier classes

The five soldier classes in the game include the following:

1. Engineer

The Engineer is the perfect soldier for beginners since his loadout is already set. If you want to try the game without feeling confused, the Engineer is the right class for you. This class will allow you to explore the game without worrying about the itemization at first, though you can still customize your items, as with every other hero.

2. Mercenary

The Mercenary starts with a bad machine gun at first, although the items you find will get better as you progress the game. Also, the Mercenary’s secondary weapon, the Kriss Kard, has a good range that allows you to dominate enemies in a ranged fight. Using the Mercenary to get the advantage of reach will help you overpower enemies while weakening them using your pistols. That said, you’ll need to wait a bit further before you can make use of the Mercenary’s good machine guns.

3. General

The General probably has the worst beginning loadout among all the classes and his weapons should immediately be replaced. If you’re into customization and finding the best weapon combinations, the General is the right class for you.

A good weapon for the General would be a Magnum that has a fast RoF. However, you want to get the Hair Trigger and Full Auto skills to make this strategy insanely effective. The General is not a beginner-friendly class and it will take time before his loadout becomes great. That said, he becomes super overpowered when he reaches level 20 or more.

4. Sniper

The Sniper is, as the name implies, great at sniping enemies at extremely long distances. When playing the sniper, consider changing the Dragunov because the stats of this sniper is just terrible. The sniper is insanely good at long-ranged combat; therefore, you need to stay away from items like SMGs and Full-burst auto guns since these are close combat weapons.

The Sniper is a great choice for someone who’s played the game a few times and wants to be challenged. With a good depth perception and the right skills loadout, you can expect a fun, challenging run with this class.

5. Juggernaut

The Juggernaut is a beast at close combat but is essentially useless for long-range battles. Basically, if you just want to blow up characters with a shotgun and not care about the consequences, then choose the Juggernaut and have a blast decimating your opponents.


Strike Force Heroes 2 is a great flash game for kids, and if you and your friends love playing the first game, you’ll definitely enjoy this one. If you’ve been playing SFH 2 already, you might want to check out the details above to ensure maximum effectiveness in the game.

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